Investing in the art market: where to start

Investing in the art market: where to start

Art has always been the subject of controversy, for many generations. It is just as fleeting as fashion. Moreover, art in the modern world is closely connected with the fashionable currents and trends. Therefore, investments in the art market are among the most risky and unreliable, but if successful, they are able to take you to the first pages of Forbes. The modern art market is diverse to infinity, and in order to invest in it, you need to have a keen intuition and good skill in art, or incredible luck. Luck in art is a very frequent event, and until now, there is no clear formula that would determine whether another masterpiece will be sold, or go decorate the assembly hall of the provincial House of Culture.
If you still set a goal, invest in the art market, it is important to determine the budget and methods of work.
Option one:
Unbelievable a lot of free cash and good communication. The option is unlikely, but still ... In this case, everything is simple: choose a list of famous artists, and systematically redeem their work at auctions. You will spend an incredibly large amount of money, but your descendants will certainly appreciate it, selling the canvas you bought at a price. It is known that the works of Renaissance artists are one of the most expensive. In price they only grow, and after reselling the canvas after a while, you will get good dividends.
Option two:
Free money is not so much, but knowledge in the field of art is colossal. This option is more common, and therefore interesting. By the way, knowledge does not necessarily have to be yours - you can always hire a good art critic. Step one and the last: we study the lists of lost canvases, and actually, we are looking for them. A way in the spirit of an adventure novel, but he also has a right to exist. Many of the paintings that are now buried in museums have been found in abandoned villages, in cowsheds and chests. Their owners did not even suspect. That they keep in their house great works of art.
Option three:
The most rational. Free money is calculated in a couple of millions in Russian currency, but there is a desire to increase them, and absolutely do not want to go in search of treasure. Then, this option is best. Study the demand for art in your region. If you live thousands of miles from the capital, then it is not necessary, at the first stages, to focus on Moscow's requests. Then, after identifying a couple of the most popular art trends in your region, find good performers. It is not necessary that you immediately get the modern embodiment of Salvador Dali, or at worst, Pablo Picasso.
At the first stages, quality is important (however, and on the subsequent, it should not be forgotten) and desire. Buy a few works from your protege, and order new, more relevant, in your opinion, directions. While the artists create their masterpieces, realize the works already available. Note that: Go to art from a commercial point of view, because you are an investor, not a charitable organization to help hungry geniuses.
The leading role in investing in the art market is innovation. This is the case, when necessary, to reinvent the wheel, and not to ride the old one. Do not try to immediately outdo the famous brands. From this you will only incur considerable losses. It would be superfluous to take in the team, a good marketer, who will help to interest the public with a new trend.
Advertising, this is something that is not compatible with art, but it helps to sell it. The art market is very moody, so get ready for temporary demand drops. For this sphere, this is normal. Starting an investment in the art market is always extremely difficult, and involves a lot of risks.

Do not invest the last savings in dubious projects. Give preference to several, perhaps even the opposite in their areas. One of the ten projects will certainly be successful. Invest with caution, and do not buy on the authors' loud statements that their works will "blow up" the art market. Such assurances are usually worthless. Trust your gut and, of course, demand. Only in this case, investments in art will be justified. If you do not like the subtle matter of art, then pay attention to a more reliable and proven way of investing your money. Precious metals have always occupied a special place in the economies of countries, and are a worthy object for investment.

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