Buying from us pictures of the modern direction, you will always have an excellent picture and a stable income.

Each buyer we pay 20% per year, for 3 years and return all the money, if you want to sell the picture.

If you want to donate, or sell the painting yourself, we will still pay you 3 years for 20%.

We are confident in our artists and in their creations, and we know that every year their pictures become more expensive, so we are not afraid to go for such conditions. Our confidence consists of understanding the conjuncture of the Chinese market of contemporary art, and the experience of selling at art fairs in Beijing and Shanghai.

Selling one job to you, we buy two more from the artist, which are then exhibited at very good prices in China, so we have a good reserve for the project's payback as a whole.

If such grandiose art fairs as in Beijing and Shanghai would be held more often than once in six months, then all the works would be sold there and we would not be able to offer you anything.

Project economics

For example:
the artist price of one painting - 2000 $, we sell you 4000, for this money we buy two more works and send them to our company OOO ArtBuklet.   Our company in Shanghai buys 2 times a year places at art fairs and sells these paintings at a price of at least $ 8000 / piece.   After deducting all expenses and taxes (approximately 35%), we receive about 250% for 1 year, which is enough to pay 20% to you every year and to service the return of paintings that by that time will already grow in price.

We constantly consider other markets for the sale of modern art. At the art fairs in Asia, private investors flock to the purpose of investing free funds in promising, modern canvases. Asian, especially Chinese, Japanese and Korean residents have huge monetary potential for this. In connection with a sharp jump in living standards in these countries and stimulation by the government the domestic consumer market, huge amounts of money have accumulated, which must be placed somewhere and the market of contemporary art has become one of the directions where these funds go.

We have mastered this market and invite you to become a participant of this project, on mutually beneficial terms.