About Us

Profitable art

We are the only company in the art market that sells paintings by famous contemporary artists on terms of partial refund of spent money. Each buyer of our paintings receives from the purchase amount of 20% per year, 3 years and has the opportunity to return the picture at any time.

After 3 years, our client partially returns their money and remains with a beautiful picture, which by that time will cost more than the original price.

If our client wants to sell his painting, we sell it at art fairs in China, or we will buy it ourselves. Our representative office in Shanghai has been participating in art fairs for many years and is well versed in the conjuncture of the Asian art market.

The artists selected by us have authority in the world of contemporary painting and excellent sales results.

Even if you donated, sold, or lost a painting bought from us, we will still pay 20% of the purchase amount for 3 years.

Reasonable investment

Art requires knowledge

Berthold Brecht

Investing in art requires even more knowledge, good intuition and a thick wallet, we can add.

Perhaps this is one of the few types of investments that, if successful, will bring not only a serious income, but also emotional satisfaction from owning something truly great and beautiful.